LDB Security Haircuts

Convergex’s LDB software suite provides innovative solutions to calculate regulatory capital requirements and optimize your portfolio across the securities industry.


Track & Account Financial Transactions

Record and compute transactions across your business in a centralized location for future retrieval and analysis in proving compliance with the Customer Protection Rule

Meet Regulatory Reporting Requirements

Meet industry regulation across SEC and FINRA portfolio margin, option margin, and haircut requirements

Compute & Optimize Capital Charge

Determine optimal haircut strategies on equities, options, baskets and futures calculating an optimized capital charge

Convergex Coverage


  • Risk based Haircut
  • Fixed Income Haircuts
  • Security Allocation
  • Intraday


  • Risk Based & Portfolio Margins
  • Option Margins
  • Intraday Margins
  • Day Trader Margins


  • Repurchase / Reverse Repurchase
  • Stock Borrow Loan
  • Supplemental Inventory Schedule System
  • Security Allocation Information Engine
  • 17a-5 Reporting

Product Offerings

LDB Optimization Unit
Offers on-site guidance.

LDB Risk Based Haircuts
Compute and optimize haircuts on equities, listed options, baskets and equity/currency/index futures.

LDB Risk Based Margins
Compute and optimize Customer Portfolio Margin and Cross Margin on equities, listed options, baskets and equity/currency/index futures.

LDB Basket Weaver™ | LDB Wrapper™ | LDB Composition Maker
Tools to help optimize potential basket offsets.

LDB iRBH™ and iRBM™
Tools to monitor Intraday Risk Based Haircut and Customer Portfolio Margin requirements in real-time.

LDB Option Margin Optimizer
Compute and optimize FINRA Rule 4210/Reg-T margin requirements, including the maximum risk spread strategy, as well as portfolio margin and cross margin requirements.

LDB Day Trader Margin
Computes day trader margin requirements for stock and options trades under FINRA Rule 4210.

LDB Fixed Income Haircuts
Compute and optimize government bond haircuts, corporate bond haircuts and other fixed income security haircuts.

LDB Stock Borrow Loan System
Compute charges, monitor credit exposure or reconciliation, and maintain compatibility with the Agent Lending Disclosure Initiate (ALDOP).

LDB Security Allocation Information Engine
Assists broker dealers in complying with the Customer Protection Rule (SEC rule 15c3-3).

LDB 17a-5 Reporting / FRR
Creates files to help with the financial responsibility and SEC reporting requirements implemented in rule 17a-5.

Computes and optimizes Security-based CDS (credit default swaps), Index CDS,  Interest Rate Swaps presented as synthetic bonds, and Swaps on other securities that are handled per the appropriate paragraphs of 15c3-1.

LDB Supplemental Inventory Schedule System
Assists firms in creating their Supplemental Inventory Schedule Report for FINRA filing.

LDB Repurchase & Reverse Purchase System
Designed to help users compute charges and capital deductions associated with Repurchase and Reverse Repurchase Agreements


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