Options Trading & Technologies 

The Convergex options desk offers advanced proprietary options routing and technology, high-touch services and clearing solutions.  The experienced team helps create value for clients by seeking and managing liquidity while also minimizing market impact and latency.


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Execution Services &
High-Touch Solutions

Dedicated options team with actively sourced pools of liquidity to manage complex order flow

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Investment Technology

Customized technologies and sophisticated algorithms to address complex electronic executions

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Options Clearing

Comprehensive options clearing
technology and solutions

Execution & Trading Services

High-touch options desk combines industry-leading proprietary tools with experience, insight and service

Execution Management + Dedicated Options Desk
Manage complex options flow through our dedicated execution and strategy team using  proprietary technology

Source Options Liquidity

Systematically source options liquidity for clients on an agency basis, in an unconflicted and more cost-effective manner

Direct Market Access 

Presence in SPX and VIX trading pits

Consultative Solutions

Collaborate with experts to develop specific, executable strategies based on options trading objectives

Investment Technology

Sophisticated algorithmic options strategies aggressively sweep, capture liquidity, hide balances and/or remain completely hidden in the market to help reduce market impact

BLAZE® – EMS Workflow Automation
Next-generation technology solution that delivers functionality with low-latency and connectivity to order-routing gateways, market data and intelligent risk management solutions  Learn More About BLAZE

BrokerPointTM – Broker Routing Technology
High-speed routing infrastructure and order management functionality that provides clients with direct connectivity to broker of their choice  Learn More About BrokerPoint

NXPTM ATS – Liquidity Pool
State-of-the-art, low-latency routing infrastructure that provides increased liquidity and potential price improvement opportunities  More on NXP

OnYXTM – Ultra Low Latency Options Network
Routing subsystem that delivers the highest levels of ultra-low latency, high-capacity data processing and routing available

Options Clearing 

A range of clearing solutions to implement options strategies while addressing client middle and back office requirements for electronic and high-touch options trading

Comprehensive Clearing Workflow
Convergex is a member of all U.S. options exchanges with our own Options Clearing Corporation number

Fully-Disclosed Clearing
Convergex Options Clearing and Custody services operate through a fully-disclosed clearing relationship with Pershing LLC.

Custody Relationships
Convergex ensures that options positions are transferred by Clearing Member Trade Agreement (CMTA) to any OCC member firm

Options Clearing & Collateral Solutions
Ability to provide mutual fund, insurance companies and other asset managers options execution solutions and alternative clearing and collateral solutions to settle with their custody bank

Portfolio Margining – LDB Security Haircuts
Convergex LDB software suite includes industry-leading tools to assist in the computation and optimization of capital charges, including security haircuts and margins. These computations are available on demand intra-day (i.e., “real-time”)  More About LDB Security Haircuts

Algorithmic Suite 

Convergex Options Technology leverages proprietary exchange synchronization algorithms embedded in options execution algorithms to maintain the highest liquidity capture rate for clients

Trading Volatility
Work single-leg option orders based on user-specified implied volatility. The implied volatility level selected is used to calculate and dynamically update the working limit price as changes occur in the underlying stock price. As executions occur, orders to execute a simultaneous delta-hedge in the underlying instrument are automatically created.

Multi-leg Spreads
Our spread algorithms enable clients to build multi-leg option orders for execution within the complex order books of each exchange.

Enhanced Crossing Capabilities
Create simple and complex crossing orders. Using our Price Improvement, Facilitation, Solicitation and All-or-None Solicitation order interface, matched orders can be routed to electronic crossing mechanisms offered at selected exchanges.


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