Liquid Alts: Fear Factor Edition

November 19, 2015 By Jessica Rabe
Jessica Rabe

Morning Markets Briefing: If investing is as much “Art” as “science”, then dedicated short sellers are the renegade virtuosos of the capital markets.  They have to both capture a specific idea AND know when the timing is right to present it to the world.  Since the March 2009 lows for equities, it has been hard to make money from the short side, but with U.S. equities showing more volatility and lackluster YTD returns the time may be right for short funds to shine.  Jessica reviews the liquid alt asset class for this strategy in today’s note. 

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Highlights & Observations from CFA Institute Conference - Never Work With Animals or Children

November 18, 2015 By Nicholas Colas
Nicholas Colas

Morning Markets Briefing: By our count, the S&P 500 has crossed the unchanged line some 17 times this year from its 2059 starting point at the beginning of 2015. Now, the index is just 41 basis points from unchanged so there is still plenty of time (30 trading days) to make decisions that could put an active portfolio up on the year. 

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