Brokering Dynamic Relationships

At Convergex, we know that meaningful relationships are the key to success. We foster dynamic relationships by aligning company policies to make sure everyone has the access and support to meet his/her professional goals.



Employee Engagement & Networking

  • Our goal is to create a productive, diverse and innovative work environment by being mindful of our core values of collaboration, integrity, and inclusiveness. We strive to recognize innovative contributors to the firm while providing the tools necessary to succeed.
  • By treating our employees with respect, we have been able to build a team that is engaged and valued.


Convergex Culture

Corporate Initiatives

Convergex takes its commitment to its employees one step further by offering diverse and inclusive corporate initiatives:


Convergex LINK
The mission of Convergex LINK (Linking Individuals through Networking and Knowledge) is to create a collaborative environment that supports professional development, diversity and education.



Convergex Cares
ConvergexCares is a corporate initiative dedicated to supporting philanthropic and charitable programs to help strengthen surrounding communities and improve lives.

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